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Why Switch To Propane

Most oil burners run less than 80% efficiency which means that you're only receiving some of the heat you should be. Older and dirty units can run much lower than that.

On average propane heaters get around 92% efficiency and much less expensive to operate due to lower costs and less maintenance.

Heat pump users are suffering from the expiration of electric rate caps. Many heat pumps use electric resistance as a backup when the winter gets too cold. 

We specialize in a setup called Heat Pump Pal which uses efficient propane heaters as a backup as well as deliverying an endless supply of hot water.

Propane is a high performing, cost effective way to heat everything in your home or business.

More than 14 million homes nationally use propane as their primary source of heat and that number is increasing rapidly

Switching to propane can save nearly 40% on your energy costs and could pay for itself in as little as 2 years.

Propane is made as a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. It is environmentally friendly and was named a clean burning alternative by the Clean Air Act. Clean burning also means less maintenance and increased life expectancy for your system.

Due to tank placement there are no geographical limitations for who can use propane.